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Word for Mac: Viewing Nonprinting Characters

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This will bring up the Word Options dialog box with the Display tab already selected. Here you will see a Print hidden text box under Printing Options. You can also get to this dialog by clicking on File , then Options and then clicking on the Display tab. Well that is also possible as I show below. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely hide hidden text in Word. If you send a document to someone that has hidden text, they will be able to view it if they know any of the procedures shown above.

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You can, however, prevent anyone from editing the text. It will allow users to view the document, but not make any changes.

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In the Formatting Restrictions dialog, check the box again and click on None to make sure nothing can be changed in terms of formatting and style. Make sure to click NO.

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If you click Yes, it will remove the hidden attribute from the hidden text and it will become visible again. Finally, click on the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button and enter a password to protect the Word document.

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Try to make the password more than 8 characters, especially if you are using an earlier version of Office. Even though others can view the hidden text, none of the text in the document can be edited.

Showing/Hiding Non-printing Characters

If you need the text completely hidden, you would actually have to remove it from the document. Step 3: Note that this example is in the Final Showing Markup view. You must be in this view to see all of the comments made by the editor.

If you are in an alternate view, click on the icon highlighted below and scroll to find Final Showing Markup. Step 4: Once all of the proposed changes have been addressed, you will see only comment bubbles on the right side of the document.

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  5. The Show/Hide Paragraph Marks button is gone and replaced with Show/Hide Editing Marks.

Sign in. APA style headings and inline in-paragraph headings APA style requires that third- to fifth-level headings be put inside paragraphs, as shown below.

Considerations APA style believes chapter headings are "titles", and heading levels used inside the content. The ETDR template uses these heading settings: How to put headings inside a paragraph a.

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Microsoft Word on the Mac has a nice feature that lets you show invisible Here's a Word document showing invisible characters. Click it. I have Word for Mac , version I have currently turned on the formatting marks (dots for spaces, arrows for tabs, paragraph marks, etc.