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Category Business. Compatibility Requires iOS 7. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Price Free. Developer Website App Support. Griffin Utility. Recorder Plus : Voice Recorder. I was a little worried about the emphasis on new teachers and not just teachers, but in general I was heartened to hear it and felt like our schools were in good hands. I hear very little mention of innovative practice and I am certainly not seeing the ability to be flexible in the delivery of curriculum. I am not pointing fingers at teachers I am just seeing a system that wants so badly to be agile and effective, yet is trapped by red tape and outmoded methods.

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So, with all the hope and promise of administrative leadership comes the realities of the trenches and I once again realize just how different my environment is than theirs. I am disheartened. I am still struggling with what we really should be calling the Blogs at Penn State initiative. When we were making the case for investing in a platform I made the call for us think critically about how we should be thinking about this opportunity as so much more than a blogging service.

I think some people got it right away, but we are still trying to figure out what the right language is to support our thinking. Really in the last six months or so that original vision is coming to fruition — the Movable Type environment we selected is truly empowering publishing across lots of areas. Two weeks ago we worked with the ITS Training Services group to completely redesign their public website. What is unique about it is that we used MT to do it. What we discovered while building this is that we can do anything we really want with the look, feel, and functionality without much effort.

This site took far less time with MT than it would have with other tools — and management is drop dead simple. What we now have is a very easy to use, template based, web development environment that can produce personal or unit level websites in very little time. Over the Summer we hosted Dr. Her work this Sumer was to better understand MT as a viable ePortfolio platform. We worked with her to design new template sets that allow students to quickly create ePortfolios that are easy, remove barriers, and can allow them to focus on reflection and not HTML.

The work she did with our team was both ground breaking and inspiring. Part of this work is a new tool, called the Pack it Up system.

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This simple little tool will allow a person to browse an entry on an ePortfolio and suck the entire entry down into a package that can be pushed into a University assessment system to be used as evidence for accreditation purposes. The last example I will cite is the notion of the Blogs at Penn State as an eLearning design and development environment.

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It took only a handful of minutes and produces a portable package that can be customized by an entire team in a collaborative way. And since our platform allows for easy export and import, a faculty member who wants the content can easily download an export file and import it into a new blog space to customize the look, the feel, the content, the activities, or anything else for her own instruction.

I built two versions of the topic … the first is what I called a Master Course. The Master Course provides a baseline version of the content in a central location — perhaps in an Open Courseware model. A faculty member could browse the content and download a simple file. This file contains the entire course and structure. This is ideal because it allows that faculty member to manage and customize the content as their own.

This can then be used to create a personal version of the content. Finally, it is obvious, but the ability to produce a standard blog also exists. So, my question is related to communicating this potential. People are catching on, but it is taking a lot of explaining … and I wonder if it has to do with us branding this Blogs at Penn State. What do you think?

iTalk Recorder Gets Support for Background Recording

My friend and colleague, Brad Kozlek has been updating some of the stats for the usage on Blogs at Penn State. He put together a little spreadsheet and shared it with me the other week. I was sort of stunned to see not the total numbers, but the jump from Spring to Fall use.

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It has stumped the IT department of Cornell so far. I paused the syncing, right-clicked all undesired folders to "unsync", then resumed syncing. It kept syncing everything and was successful in loading about 20 GB of files, including ones I didn't want. I've tried Force Quitting the program, but most of the time it doesn't even show up in the running applications list. They just look like regular Finder folders. This resolved my issue. No problems until switching to El Capitan, but then could not get Box Sync to load at all.

I had downloaded the latest Box Sync several times deleting it and reinstalling it, restarting my computer many times, etc. To get around the hurdle, we'd like you to follow and perform the steps laid below, it'll ensure you that you are on the latest Box Sync version. Scroll until you reach the very bottom and from within, you'll get to see Download Sync 4 for Windows or Mac , "Chose the installer that fits your Operating System". In addition, it is also worth considering that our domains are whitelisted from your organization's firewall or proxy,so we be cleared from any corporate filters, and please take into account, that whitelisting may need an involvement of your network admin.

This means that if you have content in your current Box Sync folder that is not available online, it will not be automatically migrated to the new Box Sync folder. Instead, you will need to manually move these items into the newly created Box Sync folder to bring them back into sync. I have just moved to a new computer running El Capitan It has never synced any files, never had Box sync before.

I tried to download Box Sync and while the folders mentioned above inside the Library folder were created Logs and Application Support the application itself did not install.

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I tried deleting these folders, restarting, reinstalling, etc - twice - but the same behavior. I double click the install icon, the mac asks for and receives an administrator password, then And by the way, I have no firewalls, no corporate network, nothing. There's a bug with the install. Ignore the "Double-click icon to install" message. But if you drag and drop the Mac Sync. For now, while we investigate, we have reverted the installer to a previous version which should install Box Sync properly on OS X.

If you're still having issues installing Box Sync, please open a support case with our User Services team and we'll be happy to help! This is what I have been looking for. Problem solved after some weeks of searching for a solution. I have done everything mentioned in the solution provided by you.

But I still get the error: "Value Error: Negative shift count". Yes, this worked for me also! I was re-installing Box Sync onto a new Mac running osSierra. Important piece to the puzzle though, to delete the 3 folders suggested, you have to be make your user library folder visible. Here are easy instructions I found earlier in this thread, in case you missed it—also works for Sierra:. Just making the library folder visible open box sync and started syncing for me.

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Can I connect my iOS device to the iTalk Sync app using my charge/sync cable? (Mac); Can I use the iTalk App to record phone conversations? Download. The latest version of iTalk Sync is on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Device Assistants in the System Tools category. The app is.

Did you have to delete the 3 folders too? I'm using Sierra on a Mac. Great tip. Thank you. I had to reinstall my mac from backup. When it was restored, the Box Sync folder was restored as a regular directory, and it wasn't synching. I tried un-installing and re-installing and nothing was happening.

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Once I deleted the directory in the Library path, sync started up again. I started having the same problem under Hi Siera. Suddenly one day I couldn't launch Box Sync.