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A Solution for MacBook Pro Booting to a Black Screen

Worse, it might damage your hardware and macOS. Macs can have problems just like other computers.

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Defective components, the age of your Mac, and user-based errors can cause a variety of issues. As a result, these warning signs require thought and care. We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more. Read More to protect your files.

Your email address will not be published. I am hearing a big ben noise from my MacBook and I have closed everything on my mac but it seems to still happen, what does this mean, is my computer under a problem?? Just tried to turn my iMac on and there is a scraping noise coming from the main body of the computer and there is nothing but a white screen. After unplugging and trying again the scraping noise is now accompanied by a beep both of which are now coming at approx 4 second intervals with no sign of the computer starting up.

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I'm presuming it's terminal and considering I haven't backed it up for a few months I think I may be screwed Thank the Lord for my iPad, I may still have all my contacts etc to install when I buy a new computer I've got a weird one. I power up and the last 3 out of say 5 or 6 times the screen is just blank, black. I hear the Apple C tone but nothing. What the hell kind of cyber dope is my Imac on?

Oh I should mention I have another screen hooked up to it a Vizio into that firebolt or whatever the heck it's called. If no one comments back it's all good just wanted to see if anyone had this While repairing the startup drive should solve the blue screen problem for most users, there's another less common drive issue that can cause a Mac to freeze at the blue screen, and that's a startup drive that has its permissions set incorrectly.

Macbook Pro A1286 Late 2010 Blue Screen with Black Vertical Lines on Boot up

It can also happen to those of us who like to experiment with Terminal commands, and accidentally change the startup drive's permissions to not allow any access. Yes, it is possible to set a drive to deny all access. And if you happen to do that to your startup drive, your Mac won't boot. We're going to show you two ways to fix a drive that was set to no access. The first method assumes you're able to start your Mac using another startup drive or an install DVD.

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Here's what to do if you see a blue screen on your Mac and how to fix it. If you manage to start up in Safe mode it may fix the problems while. One of the main causes of a grey or blue screen on startup is incompatible If your Mac starts up with the safe boot, go ahead and restart the.

You can use the second method if you don't have access to another startup device. Boot your Mac from another startup device.

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You can do this by starting your Mac and holding down the option key. A list of available startup devices will display.

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Select a device and your Mac will use it to finish booting. Once your Mac displays the desktop, we're ready to correct the permissions problem.

Enter the following command in Terminal. Note that there are quotes around the startup drive's path name.

Boots in safe mode, Blue Screen

This is necessary to ensure that if the drive name contains any special characters, including a space, that it will work with the command. Be sure to replace startupdrive with the name of the startup drive that is having problems:. You will be asked to provide your administrator password. Enter the information and press enter or return. If you don't have another startup device to use, you can still change the startup drive's permissions by using the special single-user startup mode.

A Safe Mode Boot

If you press and hold the "Shift" key when you start your MacBook, it proceeds through some basic OS testing and cleanup before it boots to a special diagnostic mode. After you succeed in reaching your normal desktop in safe mode, you may be able to restart your computer from the Apple menu and return to normal operations. Otherwise, you can proceed to basic disk and permissions repair by booting from your original operating system disc.

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If you exhaust these alternatives without solving your problem, you may need to reinstall your OS. Troubleshooting start-up problems becomes easier if you disconnect any external peripherals before you begin looking for internal causes. If your OS starts misbehaving immediately after you start trying to use a new external device, you may have found your culprit and pulling its plug helps you find that out quickly. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism.

Reasons to start your Mac in Safe Mode

Starting up your computer and making it run in Safe Mode is also known as a safe boot safe boot is how your Mac starts, Safe Mode is how it runs. I just did bootcamp before this happened so i thought i messed up my HD. So could I use a USB cord to connect the two and then you were saying I could use disk utility on the working Mac to possibly repair the sl Mac. This issue happened after I shut off the computer by holding the start button due to safari having a rainbow pinwheel for a few minutes. The PRAM reset worked, thank you! Does anyone know what the problem might be.

Skip to main content. Blank Gray Screen If your attempts to start your MacBook end in a blank gray screen, your computer may be a candidate for a firmware update. Gray Screen With Logo A boot sequence that yields a gray screen with the Apple logo can signal a problem with your operating system or an attempt to install a current OS on a system that lacks the RAM or disk space to accommodate it.