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Misuse of the cheat can also cause numerous glitches, though they are typically not severe and can be corrected. In The Sims 3 , putting a Sim on a pedestal will cause Sims to be moved off the town grid. This can be reversed by activating the teleportation cheat and having the Sim teleported to a location in the town. Deleting a chair when a Sim is on it will cause the Sim to freeze until the game is restarted. Moving Sims with the moveobjects cheat can also sometimes cause Sims to sink through the floor randomly; this can be corrected by use of the resetSim cheat.

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Posts: 11, Thanks: in Posts 46 Achievements. That is very helpful. Thank you! No toddlers?? Are you kidding me? We are back to sims 1?? After playing the masterpiece that sims 3 is, i cant even touch that pile of trash sims 4 is. You took the words right out of my head! This is exactly why I haven't made the transition to Sims 4. I've been playing the sims since it came out in when I was 10 years olds and the game was amazing to me at the time. I've seen this game evolve over years to this wonderful world of endless opportunity and creativity. I was so excited about the sims 4 before it came out and it was very disappointing to hear that the sims 4 sounds like a fancier sims 1 game.

It took me a while to get use to sims 3 but I can honestly say that it is the best so far! I feel the only people who love the sims 4 are people who never played sims 1, 2, 3 because this is all they know. I miss toddlers but the kids certinaly make up for it! Great Graphics, Great play, Entertainment at max Now it's like playing a lesser version of Sims 3 but with only one difference which is working inside the Worplace and nothing else.

Pools are back just so you know. I do really think you'd like it, it's a really great game but it's fine to stick to what you know! I also like the star wars ouitfits. Please, buy Sims 4. There was no complete edition for Sims 3.

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The Sims 3 Wiki Guide. Table of Contents. Mac Cheats this gives you $50,; moveobjects on/off - Move anything (including Sims) in your. Macintosh Cheats at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for The Sims 3 for Macintosh. When you go to sleep at night he will move not when you're.

I wouldn't count on seeing one for the fourth game either. If you don't a VPN or seedbox, then I hope you a have a big wallet. I hope Google will unblock your account someday and you'll be able to search for Sims 3 Complete Edition, instead of posting pointless comments on the internet. The sims 4 just seems like such a downgrade from the sims 3. To be honest, I don't care much for toddlers but it just seems stupid for a baby to age up to a child. There's also just a lot missing from the base game, that was included in the sims 3. Some of the things I miss the most, is the fact that you're sims we're so much more personal!

You were able to choose like what 5 traits for your adult sim? In the sims 4 you can choose 3! And there's not even a lot of traits to choose from! Your sims quickly become the most dull and boring people ever! Of course CAS, building, and graphics were heavily upgraded but the creators has to realize that not everyones favourite part is cas! But it seems as it's suddenly becoming the most important part of the game since the gameplay is absolutely boring! I can live with no open world, but NO story progression?

Are you actually kidding me? I loved the sims 3 for all the little details such as story progression! You're able to choose out of maybe 18 different hair colours, and you're so limited when it comes to clothing! Everyone is always complaining about the base game TS3 content like clothing, but you had the possibility to make it super creative and your own! Maybe the clothes was ugly, but you were able to change the colours!

It seems like such a tiny detail, yet it's so important!

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Also the freaking expansion packs they're coming out with? Get Together is way overrated! Just give us pets and seasons and we'll be happy! If anyone is reading this and thinking of buying TS TS4 is absolutely boring and unplayable without modding the game, and we shouldn't have to do that! A sims game should be good even without cc and mods, but this shit is just ridiculous! The sims 2 was amazing and that didn't even have a trait system or open world, but it still managed to be better than The sims 4.

The sims 3 was a great upgrade from the sims 2, and then they give us this?! I'd rather have TS3 with no expansions than TS4 with all of the current ones. Sorry for this rant, but I am seriously so freaking mad about this! Also everything is so unpersonal. In the sims 3, the teens were super fun to play with and they actually felt like teens. The children were also way better, but now teens are like exactly the same as adults and the children are just boring. I was debating on buying it, but was worried when I seen how they have changed things.

I just don't understand why they would take away more realistic things about creating a real person. I've played all the Sims games. What I've read so far on Sims 4, there is no way I would buy that. I'll wait for 5, if 3 holds in there until then. I wonder wat 5 will bring maybe its better but sims 4 is already to perfection, i miss toddlers but children make up for it! But of course we have to wait 5 years till the next game.

The Sims 4 Tutorial - #8 - Free Object Rotation, Placement & More

Long time Sims player. When Sims 4 was announced, I was excited. It promised of fluid multi-tasking, expanded base game play with greater interactions, and a vast world to explore. Sadly, only the multi-tasking is what came of this. Which is amazing but so incredibly under utilized within the game engine. One feature of Sims 3 that I enjoyed was building apartments and colonies of multi-family dwellers together on one property.

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Sims 4 multi-taking properties could have easily expanded on this by allowing the "tenants" of the property intermingle. Not to mention the missing pets. The upgrade in graphics could have allowed for Sims to have co-existing pets without the glitches that were common in S3. And while I could have done without the Seasons component, having the expansion and ability to change with the weather was nice as was the "holiday" items that one could decorate with.

All-in-all, Sims 3 became a very complex and highly interactive game. What fans got was a dumbed down version of the game for the sake of some extra shininess and a CAS system that was by any sense of the means an improvement. That's not to say that some of the changes aren't interesting and useful in their own right. It's just that these things seem to have come at the expense of being able to play in a vast Simlish world that was complex and intriguing. It was world that held out attention for several hours on end, rather than just long enough for the novelty to end. Majorly disappointed in that it's been over a year since the release of the game and yet I still dislike it.

Yet I still find myself immensely bored out of my mind after half an hour! Enter the Sims 3. I used to not think toddlers were a big deal in the Sims 3, however, the lack of them in the Sims 4 shows an obvious change. Sims 4 children bore me to death! A baby trapped in a crib for days finally ages up into something that leaves for school, comes home, does its homework, and then what? They play outside on the monkey bars, talk to kids at school Emotions are repetitive and also boring. One thing I will give to EA, though, is multitasking. There is no way to express how easy it is now to take care of their needs now.

Something you think isn't a big deal but is, would be parties! They now start immediately, which is insanely annoying. Now you cannot even change the dress code! I'm awaiting pets, actually.

The graphics are perfect for pets! I have to say I am not a life long sim player but after having sims 3 for 6 months now I couldn't possibly see switching to sims 4 even with the slow progress it has been making for better content. I have all the expansion packs curtsy an awesome online deal I found for dirt cheap and run all of them along with over 4gb of mod packages and custom contents. I have only once experienced a crash in the hours I have logged playing it and that was after it had been up and running for about 7 hours.

Probably should have went to bed. It does take more then a few minutes to launch I tend to get a snack or put in a load of laundry while it launches. But once it is up and running I don't have many issues with speed. I'm not sure I even remember what the original Sunset Valley looks like anymore. And to me that's what I enjoy the most out of a game. I could handle modding the 'cartoonish' sims4 sims into something a bit more life like but the fact that they took out a ton of the customization ability from sims 3.

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That and the fact that I still have yet to explore all of the world adventure areas Just finished france and have to do china and haven't even experienced island life because i have been too caught up in everything else there is to do and imagine. I have the sims 3 and I've been playing it for a year and a half, but I have got bored of the standard edition.

I just got the sims 4 today and I think its better than ever! I hope they make the sims 4 pets one day! For me, the Sims 4 is like a kiddie game. They make it out to be this perfect game, where the gameplay is great and innovative. Unfortunately, it's not. I play it with my 6 year old niece because she loves the look of it and it's easier to make sims in CAS. I got bored with the game a month after it came out. There was nothing to do and I hated having to travel around neighborhoods and having to use loading screens for everything.

It's so bare bones that this game should be the demo. The neighborhoods are tiny. I hate it. Also all the normal features in the game like hot tubs have to be bought instead. All the game and stuff packs are ridiculously overpriced for so little content. Even with an expansion pack and game and stuff packs the game gets boring and monotonous really quickly. No pools and toddlers pissed me off. It's creepy having a baby turn into a child. I love generations and legacy gameplay. So much for that. I thought the Sims 4 was supposed to be better than the Sims 3.

Turns out it's worse. It's like playing the Sims 1 with better graphics but the old gameplay.

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Can somebody tell me why we need another party expansion like Get Together when we have so many parties and stuff in the base game? Why not a University or Seasons or better yet Generations expansion or something to make the game more enjoyable. I have never played any Sims games, but I'm strongly considering buying Sims 3.

I would buy Sims 4, but it's way too expensive right now. Would it be worth buying the Sims 3? Or should I wait until the Sims 4 pricing goes down Maybe just start with playing that and later on when you get sick of it play 4.

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Posts: 1 Achievements. Limited use maptags on or off : Deaults on. That should move things for you. The method for opening the cheat console box is different. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. It should be the same key combination.

I have been playing The Sims 1 , 2, 3 and now 4. I loved ts2 and i felt SO disappointed when I got ts3. I hated it basically Ts2 was SO much better than ts3, but now ts4 has blown me away. I love it so much, i only wish for more of ts2 type game featured in it Im still playing Sims 3, because of all the expansions, that gave way too much experiences and playing time, and I feel like Sims 4 is a downgrade, taking away good functions and stuff, just my opinion :D.

I like the sims 4 more than the sims 3 because of its graphics and create a sim but i wish they wouldn't have removed some of the features that the sims 3 had like the controls because i have a mac and it's way harder to use the controls now! I am a bit disapointed on what they created but i still enjoy the game! Sims 4 is okay I just miss what Sims 3 offered with the wide world, seasons, world travel, pets AND especially toddlers!! Toddlers were my favorite thing in Sims T. T They were so cute.

The developers lied to consumers and got lazy.

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They could make toddlers. They lied and said there wouldn't be pools, and come out later with pools and ghosts. They lied about the offline mode with the gallery, and fixed that later. Why the heck can't they make toddlers?? I don't want to wait until Sims 5 comes out and get toddlers.

The Create A Sim feature is nice though