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The Mac restarts when this step is finished. Another dialog appears, telling you that it is installing software.

How to Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard in Oracle VM VirtualBox or VMware® Workstation 9

You are done. Otherwise, continue on to register your software and make migration selections.

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Transfer the Information from an Existing Server: Select this option to move settings and user data from another server or volume or drive installed with Mac OS X Server A series of screens appears in which you select a server or drive. Restore from a Time Machine Backup: The backup would have to be on a drive attached to the Mac or on a network attached storage device.

A short name is created. This name is the local administrator account name for the server Mac.

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Download Mac OS X Update v Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard v Apple Events Server Update OS X Snow Leopard. Download Mac OS X Update v Server Admin Tools Mac OS X Server Supplemental Update. Mac OS X Supplemental Update.

You can launch from the Applications folder of the volume you booted from. Mac OS X I tried several months ago here in Netherlands and they told me that I could not buy it any more and suggested me to try Belgium.

Same with your German link, I just tried to order there and they required a German delivery address I checked again this afternoon and confirmed it. The second salesperson did a very thorough search, and I am convinced that he is correct. Apple discontinued sales of Snow Leopard Server sometime after February , which was the last time I checked.

Only the "client" version is available, which will not run under VMware Fusion.

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You can try eBay, but I predict that prices will go way up once people learn that Apple is not selling Snow Leopard Server anymore. I already have a license for Snow Leopard Server, so all I need is the. There has be some source for this file, right? You cannot buy it in stores. It must be shipped for delivery. You must order it by phone.

Virtualising Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (Server)

Be sure that the sales agent is not confusing it with Snow Leopard, which you do not want. If the sales person cannot find it and insists that it is not available, call back again and hope that you get a different salesperson. I called multiple times on 5 September see my post above , and every Apple salesperson insisted that it was no longer available. One was very convincing. I wonder if it was out of stock, and Apple decided to manufacture more copies?

Whatever the cause, I just confirmed that it is available again. She knew exactly what I wanted and why.

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Here's her info:. Cassidy R. Apple Specialist.

Th-M am - pm CDT. Give her a call if anyone else out there is still considering buying the server edition. Dave G". This is my first post in these forums so go easy on me if I flub it. For anyone trying to get the Snow leopard Server software, I just did it today. The Apple Specialist that I talked to said he had run into exactly the same problem trying to set up an order for a Lion Server.

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The fellow suggested that I tell anyone having an issue with this that they can contact him directly and he will try to help them get it as he did for me. Although he provided me with his phone number, he suggests that is not the best way to contact him and that you should use his email address instead.

That way he can see it when it comes in even if he is on the phone, and he can then call you as soon as he is off it.