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Best to-do list apps of 12222 for managing tasks for the Mac

The comments make it possible to discuss an item in depth too. Best of all, Wunderlist automatically syncs between your devices and is available for desktop and mobile. Note that Microsoft is replacing Wunderlist with Microsoft To-Do, another great app featured in this list. Todoist has a clean, elegant interface that will look familiar to anyone who uses Gmail. It has a handy deadlines feature so you can see when a task is due and get notifications to remind you to complete the task. The syncing works flawlessly and there are apps available for the desktop and mobile.

Plus there are even apps for wearables so you can see your to-dos on your Apple Watch or Google Smartwatch. This brings up the tasks panel. From here you can create new lists and add tasks.

Plus much more!

You can assign a date and time to a task if you want to be reminded of it, or create a task from an email. The features are quite minimal but if you only need a simple to-do list then Google Tasks will sit neatly next to your email inbox and be integrated with your Google Calendar as well. If you want a stand-alone version of Google Tasks for your phone or browser, there is an app available for Android and iOS and a browser extension available for Chrome. Evernote is often used as a digital scrapbook to save text, images, or pages from the web to a searchable notebook.

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However, it was originally designed as a note-taking app and is still very useful for that purpose. But you can also get more creative and store your to-dos as images, attached files, or even drawings on your smartphone.

The best simple list-making app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

To learn about all the additional features of the service, see our unofficial manual of how to use Evernote. To-do lists are organized by date, so you can see which tasks are set for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

And of course, it syncs between all your devices instantly. Download: Any.

12 Great iPhone To Do Apps

DropTask is aimed at task management, so it uses projects rather than lists to keep track of your tasks. This Microsoft app has proved popular not only with Windows users but also with others thanks to its mobile apps and web version. It has reminders for important tasks and the option to share your tasks with others.

Designed for Mac, works everywhere

Things (macOS, iPhone, iPad). Best blend of powerful features with elegant design. Things screenshot. To do list apps tend to fall into two. Millions rely on, a beautifully designed to-do list app for your Mac, that makes it easy to organize your life and get more KM [email protected] | for ios.

When opening the app, you are presented with a blank sheet, similar to a piece of paper. This app is still under development, so some to-do related features are still being polished up. To see it, click on Mail in the top left corner of the Gmail screen, and a drop-down menu will appear from which you can select Tasks.

Reminders is a default to-do app that comes with your Mac, iPhone, iPod or iPad. This app is only available on Apple devices. Toodledo is another one of the task management app specialists. Focused on productivity, it has 5 levels of priority for your tasks and has most of the same features as the other task management tools listed earlier. It provides multiple views that you can select to organize your tasks by due date, calendar, folders, or priority. This app also has a notebook feature in which you can create different types of notes, but unlike Evernote, it uses HTML markup for formatting the notes.

If you only ever create task lists, there is a plethora of apps beyond those listed here that you can use. Most of them accomplish the job quite well, so your preference will depend a lot on your existing task-making habits and the aesthetic of the app itself. The features that most have in common are generally due dates, and task prioritization. There are some slight differences in them, however, as some apps will use numbering for prioritization like Toodledo whilst others will use color Remember the Milk, Todoist, any.

Due dates are also used as method of prioritization by Wunderlist, Reminders, Google Tasks, and Asana.

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In terms of collaboration and assigning tasks to team members, Asana is specficially designed with this in mind and is much more convenient for group projects. If you want to create a wider variety of lists, then Listible and Evernote are your best bets. Toodledo also has note-taking features, so if task management and note taking are your main needs, Toodledo would be your best choice.

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Listible is particularly useful and easy for creating a wide variety of lists clipped from around the web due to its bookmarklet, and also because it can display the images and links in your list. Each of these list apps has its own group of fans, because we all create different types of lists in different ways. Feel free to share any list-organizing tricks that you use, and what you favorite list-making app is.

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Top 25 Best To-Do List Apps 2019

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L Share lists Share your lists with colleagues, friends and family. N Notes Add Notes to make sure all your ideas are captured. X Mail to Wunderlist Turn emails into actions by simply forwarding them. Z Print Print your to-dos and lists with just one click. Download Wunderlist. Read more about it here.