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At about 9: I asked them to allow me to feed my father some noodle soup, but they also did not allow me to. My father died and became a hungry ghost. At Bach Mai hospital, Trinh Xuan Tung was diagnosed with two injured cervical vertebrae that caused paralysis. He was transferred to Viet Duc hospital the next day. The next day, Lt. Mourners gather outside the house of victim Trinh Xuan Tung on March 10, On March 10, the family of Trinh Xuan Tung erected an altar for him outside their house with banners demanding justice.

Nguyen Van Ninh to four years in prison. The appeal of Lt. Nguyen Van Ninh was postponed twice, in May and in June When the family entered the courtroom, they saw that the only people who were there and related to the case we re the family of the accused and the motorbike driver. As a result, the family requested a postponement. The second postponement came on June 18 when the presiding judge fell sick. On March 28, , during the trial of the five police officers who killed Ngo Thanh Kieu, she published a call on Facebook urging people to contact her about cases of police abuse: Many illogical explanations were provided such as: And the general outcome is that these cases would sink into oblivion.

This is an obvious injustice. Those who should protect the people trample on the dignity, health and life of the people instead. And there are signs that the legal system tolerates, covers up and hushes up the crimes of those who wear the clothes of power. On the road to seek justice for my father, I came to understand that we could never find justice if we did not try to the very end. Please assist me to collect news and documents about people tortured and killed at police headquarters and send them to me via Facebook or email me at trinhkimkim gmail.

These news and documents can either be links to online newspapers or cases that you know but that were not published by newspapers. I hope you will walk with me on this difficult road. I thank you with my sincere heart. Police detained Le Phuc Hung in the morning of August 1, , for allegedly stealing water pipes. During police interrogation in the afternoon, police officers Hoang Van Vang, Trieu Tien Bo, and Luong Van Tuan, took turns beating Hung to force him to confess to other thefts in the area.

Police detained Nguyen Van Duc on May 28, , for alleged involvement in a robbery in early , [] and took him to the Vinh Long provincial hospital for emergency treatment early the next morning. Police arrested Nguyen Quoc Tuan on November 25, , for alleged robbery. There was no further information available related to the case at the time of writing this report. Bui Huu Vu was on a police wanted list for alleged robbery.

He said:. Photo of Bui Huu Vu, showing his body after he died in police detention. According to Nam Dan district deputy police chief, Sen. As for the cause of death, we need time and offices at different levels will clarify it. If he died from external impact due to being beaten , district police will take responsibility and deal with it thoroughly. Nguoi lao dong newspaper printed a photo of the body in handcuffs, but Senior Lt. At time of writing, the police had not released any information about the results of an investigation, if any, into the death.

Police detained Do Van Binh on April 10, for alleged involvement in the illegal detention of a person.

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Photo of the hand of Do Van Binh, who allegedly committed suicide while in police detention. Police detained Hoang Van Ngai, his brother Hoang Van Ta, and their wives on March 14, , for allegedly destroying the forest for cultivation. They only told the family that Hoang Van Ngai died from suicide. Photo of victim Hoang Van Ngai after he allegedly committed suicide in police detention. Police detained Tran Van Tan on January 2 around 11 p. Th e police told the family that Tran Van Tan strangled himself to death early that morning. But when my siblings found his body, he was lying, one leg straight, one leg curled up as if he was sleeping.

Police arrested him on March 16 for allegedly stealing from a neighbor. From the evening of March 19 until midday on March 20, hundreds of people gathered around Can Loc hospital and the district police station to protest. Police arrested Le Van Tran on August 11 for alleged involvement in a rape that occurred on August 9.

The police of Phu Yen province informed state media that Le Van Tran hanged himself by using a string of fabric taken from his pants. The police informed the media that the incident was under investigation.

Public Insecurity

The mass mobilization committee and the police force from different levels had gone to the area to conduct propaganda and explain to the people about matters of concern. This had helped concerned authorities to defuse the trouble and stabilize the situation. Police took him to the police station around noon on April 21 for an investigation connected with the theft of a number of rubber tires at the Kumho Vietnam plant in Ben Cat district. Upon hearing from co-workers that Nguyen Cong Nhut had been taken away by Ben Cat police, his wife Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen went to police headquarters to inquire about him, but the police did not let her see or speak to him.

Initially, the police told state media that Nhut was arrested for theft.

On April 26, acting chief of the office of Binh Duong province police, Sr. However, two days later, on April 28, he changed his story, telling the media that: Almost two weeks later, the police changed their version of the arrest again. On May 6, , the d eputy d irector of the police force of Binh Duong province , Sen. Thao did not explain the discrepancy between his statement and the statements made by his colleague Pham Xuan Truong that Nhut had been detained for theft. Nguyen Thanh Phu from the police force of Thuan An commune, who had been sent to Ben Cat district to help investigate several economic cases, including the one at Kumho Company.

During these conversations, which Tuyen secretly recorded, Maj. Phu asked her go to a hotel with him in exchange for information about her husband. Phu flirts. Tuyen did not comply. Nguyen Cong Nhut allegedly left a suicide letter for his wife and a separate document for investigation police officers who interrogated him.

The suicide letter begins: Only a small carelessness leads to a big crime. I did not benefit a single penny, but I cannot deny the evidence. At first, they were cold and sometimes they shouted [at me]. If I die, please help take me [my body] to my hometown safely.

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Co le tih yeu e danh cho a qua lon nen ck ko bit qyan tam toi vk con la. Gazzetta dello sport free download as pdf file. Police often used violence during raids on cockfights or small gambling dens. Instead, he slapped me twice and beat and kicked me without letting me react. I asked a police officer to go pee. They used rubber clubs to beat Kieu on his thighs and legs, each time 5 or 6 hits, and they beat him many times. Fourth, Vietnam allows impunity for most perpetrators of police abuse, as officers who commit serious, even lethal, transgressions rarely face serious consequences we have included some cases in this report in which officers have been held accountable to demonstrate that the system can work given sufficient political will.

I feel cornered because I had been neglectful. The doctor who performed the autopsy, Dr. There is a mark on his neck, but it does not have the oval shape, which is typical of death by hanging. According to this narrative, Nguyen Cong Nhut regretted that his action helped others violate the law and he feared that he faced years in prison. On August 30, , Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen filed a petition and a complaint protesting this conclusion.

At time of writing, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen has not received any response. In any jail system some detainees will die of illness in custody. Yet in many cases in Vietnam the police claim that detainees have died of illness in circumstances that leave key facts unexplained and families with only scant information about the cause of death.

In many cases documented by Human Rights Watch, family members described the deceased as having been healthy men in their twenties or thirties, such as year-old Hoang Gia Dat Phuoc, who died in February ; year-old Nguyen Minh Tam, who died in November ; year-old Huynh Thanh Thang, who died in October ; year-old Vo Duc Duy, who died in February ; and year-old Le Vinh Lan, who died in October In both cases, the family challenged the credibility of police explanations by pointing out that their loved ones had been young and healthy at the time of their arrest.

Similarly, on June , the police informed the family of year-old Nguyen Van Van that he had died from pulmonary edema six days after he was detained for an alleged theft. In all three cases, there was no report of any investigation into allegations that the victims had been beaten during detention. Earlier in the day, Cao Van Tuyen and another man, Cao Van Le, were summoned to the police station for allegedly stealing a piglet in June.

At about 11 p. Nguyen Van Den told Phap luat Tp Ho Chi Minh that when his son was in the custody of the police of Hiep Phuoc district the family tried to visit him, but they were not allowed to meet and talk to him in person. Police arrested him on September 19, , for alleged involvement in a fight and causing injuries to another person. There are many small bruises on his forehead and around his ears. Nguoi lao dong newspaper reported that a former detainee identified by the initials N. P, who previously had been in detention with Dang Van Tri, told them Tri was previously beaten by the police.

I did not believe that he had a stroke as they said. Later, the investigation bureau of the police of Dak Nong district concluded that Dang Van Tri died from sickness, about which it did not provide any further details. Photo of Dang Van Tri, showing his body after he died in police detention. Police arrested him on September 20 for allegedly possessing stolen goods.

The case is being clarified. Six men, from the ages of 22 to 27 years old, from Dai An 2 commune, Tran De district, Soc Trang province reported that they were beaten during interrogation and forced to confess to a murder which they knew nothing about. After being released, the victims told the media that they had been beaten during interrogation and forced to admit guilt. Thach So Phach said he had been forced to admit that he was at the crime scene and saw his friend stabbing the victim. Captain Trieu Tuan Hung applied ice on my private part, and my penis and scrotum shrank as small as a pea because of the cold.

Trieu Tuan Hung and Maj. These two investigators also used rubber clubs to repeatedly beat Khau Soc and Thach Muol.


Thus, although these men were not involved in the crime, they still confessed that they killed the taxi motorbike driver Ly Van Dung. Dang Hoang Da , informed the media that 25 police officers, including the head and the deputy head of the investigation office , had been demoted, transferred, disciplined, given a warning, or criticized for their involvement in the wrong ful arrest of these men. Nguyen Hoang Quan and Capt.

Hung was arrested for four months pending further investigation. Quan was granted bail, but prohibited from leav ing his residential area. Earlier that day, Le Hoai Nhan was driving his motorbike without his registration card in his possession. Le Hoai Nhan was handcuffed and taken to the nearby police station in Hoi An commune. According to Le Hoai Nhan, four officers then used broom sticks and clubs to beat him.

He told a reporter:. While there, leaders of the police force of Cho Moi district visited him and promised to pay his medical bills, and to discipline the four police officers involved in the beating. Photo of the leg of Huynh Su Nguyen, showing injuries he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police. That morning, he was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to police headquarters. He was released later in the afternoon.

Police chief Nguyen Tien Sy denied any mistreatment. After Kien thuc newspaper published a story about the incident, the Ministry of Public Security requested that the police of Lam Dong province investigate the case by April 15, Photo of Hoang Cu, showing injuries to his face he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police.

That evening, Deputy Police Chief Nguyen Quang of Phong Chuong commune and two local militia members chased after a group of men who had been involved in a fight. The men had fled to neighboring Quang Thai commune. When Hoang Cu attempted to defend himself, Nguyen Quang used a gun to beat Hoang Cu on the face and threatened to shoot him. After Nguyen Quang and other officers left the scene, Hoang Cu was taken for emergency treatment at the local medical center.

He was immediately transferred to the central hospital in Hue city for further treatment. Tran Hiep, deputy police chief of Quang Dien district, it was a procedural violation for police from Phong Chuong commune to chase suspects to a different commune without informing the local police, but he claimed that he did not know who administered the beating. According to Nguyen Huu Tien, Nguyen Thanh Tuan and another police officer used clubs to beat him continuously on his thighs:. Photo of the legs of Nguyen Huu Tien, showing injuries he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police.

Nguyen Huu Tien was released the next day and immediately taken to hospital by his family, where he was diagnosed with multiple injuries. However, Human Rights Watch was not able to find further information about whether any such disciplinary or criminal action had been taken. Seven young males, from 17 to 21 years old, from Cuong Gian commune, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province, reported that they were beaten during interrogation by the police of Cuong Gian commune on August 26, That evening, acting-chief police Tran Cong Trang and other police officers went looking for the involved parties, but did not find them.

Photo of Nguyen Suu Lung, showing injuries he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police. Worse, Nguyen Van Thuc told Dan tri newspaper that police beat him on the face and ears and that his ears were too swollen to hear. These days, Chien can neither eat nor sleep. At night, he has nightmares about being beaten and trembles.

All seven youths were taken to the communal medical care station for treatment. Nguyen Van Thuc, the youngest victim, suffered intense pain and was taken to the provincial hospital in Nghe An on September 8, where he was admitted for further care and treatment. On August 30, , the police c hief o f Nghi Xuan district told reporters from Dan tri newspaper that the case w ould be investigated and dealt with seriously. According to Tuoi tre newspaper and VNExpress newspaper, at around 7 p. Nguyen Truong Vu, 30, from the city of Nha Trang, and Truong Chi Binh, reported that they were beaten in detention at police headquarters on July 26, Photo of Nguyen Truong Vu, showing injuries he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police.

Lang Thanh Dung. Without presenting police badges, Lang Thanh Dung handcuffed the two and took them to police headquarters. The police released Nguyen Truong Vu at around 2 a. Truong Chi Binh did not file a complaint against those who beat him. In June , the appeals court upheld the sentence. After beating Pham Quang Son, the police officers left the scene.

Five months earlier, on July 21, , Nguyen Huu Khoa was accused of beating and seriously injuring a truck driver named Nguyen Phu Son.

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Nguyen Van Khanh, a schizophrenia patient from Dai Hung commune, My Duc district, Hanoi, reported that he was beaten and electronically shocked on his penis by the police of Dai Hung commune on October 17, Nguyen Van Khanh was on his way to chop down a banana tree when he saw a team of commune police officers on patrol. He cursed at an officer named Bui Van Hiep, who he said had previously slapped him.

The police took his knife away and let him go. The police chief rejected the accusation. However, according to the deputy police chief of My Duc district, Sr. Le Xuan Van, there were at least several erroneous procedures during the arrest, including handcuffing and taking a person with a mental disability to the police station without a guardian.

Two other men from Dai Hung commune, Nguyen Van Tien, 43, and Nguyen Trung Thanh, 57, also reported that commune police, including Chief Nguyen Binh Nguyen, electrically shocked them on their penis when they were arrested for a minor theft in September Among the most egregious episodes are more than a dozen cases in which police injured children, some as young as 11 years old. Some children reported being beaten to extract confessions while being held in detention without the knowledge of parents or guardians.

Vietnamese law requires a parent or guardian to be present during interrogation or while taking a statement from a minor.

According to Tran Quang Thuan, at the police station police officers beat his son with truncheons and forced him to confess. Tran Quang Thuan was released with severely swollen legs and many bruises on his back, armpits, arms, head, and face. Police officers involved in the interrogation of the three children denied the beating. In July , the police of Hoa An commune Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province detained and interrogated year-old Do Van Toan without the presence of a parent or a guardian after he was suspected of stealing money.

During the course of his interrogation at police headquarters, officers handcuffed Do Van Toan, slapped him, beat him on the thighs with a truncheon, and threatened to shock him with a zap stick roi dien. After confessing under duress, Do Van Toan was released and hospitalized with multiple injuries. Accusing the two boys of loitering at a preschool, police officer Luong Duc Phuc beat both boys with a truncheon.

Following his release, Phan Le Hiep was hospitalized with multiple bruises and a broken arm. Photo of Phan Le Hiep, 14, showing injuries he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police. With no parent or guardian present, two police officers beat Ngo Dinh Phat on his thighs and buttocks with a truncheon, and violently yanked his ears.

Ngo Dinh Phat was severely bruised and hospitalized. Photo of the upper legs of Ngo Dinh Phat, 11, showing injuries he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police. This report was researched and written by Asia division staff from Human Rights Watch. Production assistance was provided by Storm Tiv and Julia Bleckner, associates in the Asia division; Kathy Mills, publications specialist; and Fitzroy Hepkins, production manager.

Skip to main content. September 15, January 17, Summary To leave the police station alive? Deaths in Custody In some cases, the authorities admitted that people died in police custody in circumstances that appeared to warrant no more than minimal use of force, if any. Custodial Torture Non-lethal physical abuse by the Vietnamese police is easier to document than abuses that result in death because victims survive to tell their story.

Sources of Police Abuse Police abuse derives from several factors. Key Recommendations To the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Clearly and unequivocally signal through public statements, internal directives, and specific measures by senior government officials and the highest-ranking police officials that the use of torture, beatings, or any other form of mistreatment in police custody is unacceptable and will be punished.

Ensure that police officers implicated in torture and other ill-treatment, regardless of rank, are disciplined or prosecuted as appropriate. Establish a tracking system for police officers facing civilian complaints of abuse or misconduct in order to identify officers who misuse their power. Such a tracking system should be used to ensure that problem officers are properly investigated and disciplined, provided necessary training, and when convicted of crimes, dismissed from the police force and prosecuted. The commission should be a statutory body with the legal authority to bring prosecutions or impose discipline if the internal affairs or professional responsibility unit fails to do so in cases in which credible allegations have been made.

Establish an independent internal affairs or professional responsibility unit at each province, municipality, and district to promptly and impartially investigate all cases in which an allegation has been made of mistreatment in custody leading to death or injury. Require police to videotape all interrogations to prevent the use of torture and ill-treatment. Do not allow confessions made in custody into evidence at trial unless they are videotaped. Allow independent monitoring of detention facilities, including station lockups and jails, by independent civil society organizations.

Allow detainees to meet privately with representatives of independent organizations conducting monitoring. Encourage and protect journalists and their sources who reveal instances of police abuse. Ensure Internet freedom so that journalists and bloggers can play the necessary role of watchdog and report on allegations of police abuse. Methodology The cases of police abuse included in this report occurred between August and July February 14, Photo of Huynh Nghia, showing his body after he died in police detention.

I saw two police officers in uniform chasing after Loi who was fleeing in a rice field full of water. They caught him and handcuffed him. I thought Loi had been arrested, and thus I no longer looked that way As soon as I turned away, I heard a loud shot and saw the police carried Loi from the field; his body was full of blood.

Many people said Loi was shot by the police and called emergency vehicle to take him to the hospital. Loi was still handcuffed. Chuc implausibly explained: The family pressured the police to handcuff the victim before allowing an autopsy. In order to ease tension, the police had done so as the family requested, but then they took photos and provided them to newspapers. Killing of Nguyen Mau Thuan: Killing of Ngo Thanh Kieu: Ninh used a club and hit Tung on his neck.

At the same time, several members of the self-management team rushed in to beat and punch Tung and kicked him on his stomach. I was the one who went inside the station. I saw my father handcuffed and his feet chained. His arms and legs were dangling. They beat me and paralyzed my legs and arms.

Please ask them to let me go and have medical check-up.

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Death of Nguyen Quoc Tuan: Death of Bui Huu Vu: He said: There are bruises all over [the body]. From the two ears to the nape and two shoulders, there are big dark bruises. On the stomach, the chest, the thighs and legs, there are many purple bruises with different sizes, some of which have small holes on them. Around the wrists and ankles, there are bruises and scratches. There was blood clot on the left big toe. After taking the body of Do Van Binh home, we took off his clothes and saw many bruises on his body, from head to toe; especially, both of his hands were black-burnt and curled up.

According to forensic science, a person who dies from hanging should have: At about 3 p. At about 4 p. I asked a police officer to go pee. The windows were made of glass, closed. I saw Ngai raising his arms high as if begging for help. I asked the police officer to let me stop and see what Ngai needed, but the police officer told me to go to my room quickly and not to look around. He escorted me to the room. A little while later, police officers came back from a soccer game. They dragged Ngai out to a four door taxi and took him to the emergency room. I banged on my door and asked them to let me out so I could go and take care of my brother.

They prohibited me from going.

They locked the door and did not allow me to go out and take care of my brother. I cried and fainted for about 30 minutes. When I woke up, I asked them to let me go and take care of Ngai. I thought Ngai had died. By three in the morning, they still did not allow me to go and see Ngai. On March 18, when I brought food to the police station for my brother in the afternoon, he complained to me that the police beat him during interrogation, but he was still okay.

At noon on March 19 when I heard that he hanged himself in detention, I was panicked and upset because I did not believe that he killed himself. If [Tran] committed suicide by hanging, the family should have been allowed to see the body [during autopsy]. But they [the police] did not allow it. They prepared the document and took the body for autopsy without informing the family.

Both sides of his groins were black and blue. His penis and both testicles were damaged and bled. Why did his body have such signs from hanging? Before the autopsy was performed, I took a look at my son and saw that the bottom of his shorts was stained with blood. There were many bruises on both of his legs, his hips, and his buttocks. His upper lip was battered and his two hands convulsed.

I tried to straighten [his hands] but I could not. We absolutely do not believe that our son committed suicide. According to a correspondence, Kumho Tire Company reports that tires in the product storage were lost. The main responsibility lies with the product management department, headed by this Nguyen Cong Nhut. Below are some examples of cases of deaths in police custody allegedly from illness.

Death of Cao Van Tuyen: They only stopped when they discovered that we fainted. About 30 minutes later, six cadres of the detention center including cadre H. They then poured water to revive [Tri] and continued to beat him. July — December Six men, from the ages of 22 to 27 years old, from Dai An 2 commune, Tran De district, Soc Trang province reported that they were beaten during interrogation and forced to confess to a murder which they knew nothing about.

He told a reporter: I almost could not breathe.

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I kept pleading and even knelt down to beg them, but they still beat me. I asked them to let me call my family and the local authorities where I live so people could vouch for me, but they did not allow me. They confiscated my cell phone and continued to curse and beat me. This guy is not a robber. A traffic police officer wrote on the paper that I drove my motorbike and fell down on my own, and that I was not beaten by the police.

He forced me to sign and threatened to beat me more if I did not sign. I was too scared and thus I signed. May 10, Photo of the leg of Huynh Su Nguyen, showing injuries he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police. As soon as I got to the headquarters of the police of Thu Duc district, an investigation officer named S.

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