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How to Clean up iTunes Media Folder Easily

Application Junk Files - Some junk files are automatically generated while the application is being used. They can be removed without a second thought. Mac Software Installer - The install packages of Mac apps will be of no use once installed. They can be removed to free up more space. Language Files - Many applications on the Mac contains a large number of language files.

To remove unused language files can free up more disk space. System Log Files - The activity of the system applications and services is stored constantly, however numerous logs will drag your Mac down. Broken Login Items - In some cases, after an application or a service is removed, a broken link may still exist among the Login items.

Removing broken links will save more resources on your Mac. Mail Attachments - Too many old mail attachments make your email system burdensome. Removing the downloaded attachments can free up more space. Leftovers - Some remnants may still left on your Mac even after the related applications are deleted. They are good-for-nothing. User Downloads - Some downloaded files may become useless.

You can remove them to regain space. Xcode Derived Data - For developers, there may be tons of intermediate build information and project index generated by Xcode. Cleaning up them can help you to free up some space.

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You could customize the definition of duplicates by determining song properties, including Title, Artist, Album, File Size and Time. As one of the most powerful and helpful iTunes cleanup tools, Leawo Tunes Cleaner for Mac enables you to clean up iTunes library and other music libraries in clicks. Say, for example, you want your Sonos speakers to only stream lossless audio. Over time i have added and deleted songs many times. Support clean iTunes music library and external music library Remove iTunes duplicate music automatically Download missing album artwork Fix mislabeled songs info with title, artist, album, and more Supported OS: Mac OS X

You can easily clean up iTunes backups if you confirm they are outdated. Deleting these data won't cause any problems.

Removing the artwork cache files can free up more space. Application Old Updates - Updates of the third party apps will not be deleted automatically after updated.

Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes Library in Batch

Removing the outdated application updates can free up space for your Mac. Those Xcode iOS Log files can be removed to speed up your project. Mac Localization Files - Your Mac's operating system comes with dozens of language files, most of which you'll never use. Deleting unneeded language files can help to save valuable disk space on your Mac. So here are all of the tips we shared to clean up Mac junk files.

However, it's important to know that deleting junk files only once is usually not enough.

Transferring data to a new Mac: Clean up your files

This Mac machine needs to be "lubricated" once in a while so it can work smoothly in a long run. MacBooster can always be a help and ready to go.

You can always use it to get your Mac tide and safe. So there you have it, a complete Mac cleaning tool to keep your favorite Mac in perfect shape. Check out more useful tips:. Be one of the first to hear about our news, updates and subscriber-only special offers! OS X Save project at will This tool allows you to save unfixed music files in case of emergency.

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You can fix these unfixed music files at leisure. Easy to use Ultra simple and easy to understand interface, no technique knowledge required for music files cleaning. Learn More. Free Trial. Video Tools For Win Prof. For Mac Prof. For Win Tunes Cleaner. Overview Guide Tech Specs Review. User Reviews 1 2 3 4 5 Ratings Distrubution 5 Star. Mac Tips.

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Sometimes, hundreds or even thousands of forgotten files can be found in the Downloads folder. Another cause of duplicate files is double-clicking an attachment of an email in the Mail app. Each time you double-click an attachment, a new copy is added to your Downloads folder. Start cleaning once the Downloads folder is opened. You can also sort the downloaded files by name, kind, or date added, but identifying the large ones first may be most convenient option.

Still, keep in mind that there are other methods to maintain your computer and avoid a duplicate files and folders mess.

2. Delete application backups

How to Clean Up Your Downloads, Music, and Movies Folders Mac users often find their songs located in the iTunes music folder instead of. Ordinarily, your iTunes media folder is in your iTunes folder. This is the default location. The folder will be titled as follows: Mac: Finder > username > music.

The next stop is the Music folder. Mac users often find their songs located in the iTunes music folder instead of their library. This will copy only the music you see in the iTunes library to the new location.

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Next, delete the old iTunes music folder.